Saturday, February 10, 2018

Powermaster booster pump repair

Replace vanes, rotor and cam ring. This pump would run but made no pressure
pump parts come out the end after ring is removed
         Drilled a hole to get at an end of the wire ring
        wear plates, cam ring, and outlet only fit one way as they are keyed or pinned
       Vanes had worn enough that one got out and no pumping happened.
          going back together

Sometimes the wire snap ring can be reused, We used a snap ring on this one with some machine work


  1. hi if someone can contact me about where you got the vanes for this power master pump.

    Thank you

  2. We reused the vanes a they were not the problem. Some of pumps had the vanes stuck in the rotor. Vanes did free up with some manipulation. Most of the problems seemed to be caused by water in the fluid or long periods of not being used.