Monday, April 16, 2012

GMC visitors and weld repair of a Case skidloader

The Weidners stopped by on the way back home. Larry has a 500 Cadillac engine with port fuel injection in his GMC motorhome.

Buddy Dave's skid steer loader has a broken final drive case. See the wheel leaning in at the top? He bought it this way and got a deal on it.

The loader's case cracked so the oil leaked out of the case and the wheel is out of alignment. This view is from the bottom looking up.

This is what we came up with to push the case back in place.  Held like this we tack welded it back in place then took the apparatus off to get a repair weld done.

Welding in process....


The case had started to crack vertically in a four places. Grooved the cracks and welded these up too.

Repair complete wheel back in alignment.
Dave's other job..on the mighty Thinkorswim platform.