Monday, August 10, 2009

Road trip Canada pics

First night in Devils Lake ND. We didn't get underway until 10 AM and this is a far as we got before nightfall.
Construction on US 2 was a dirt path with a pilot car. Don't know how it would be if it had rained!
Us 2 "Big sky highway" Montana.
Five Corvettes were in a group that passed us traveling just north of the border at Sweetgrass.
Canada 22 Alberta
Canada 40 Alberta
Municipal campground in Canmore. No services of any kind.
Alberta 93
Alberta 93
Lake Moraine
Lake Moraine
Lake Louise
Jonas Creek campground
Athabasca Falls
We rode up on the glacier in these machines
Sue on a glacier

Two GMC's parked along the street in Jasper. Left a card on the closest one.
Edmonton mall supposed to be the largest in the world. It was big.
Downtown Calgary
Parking in Calgary here was $5 per hour. There was a box deal on the corner that took credit cards to pay. You put in the area number and the license plate number and then how long you were going to be parked. No receipt or anything to show it charged your card. It must have worked as we didn't get a ticket or towed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On the road Banff and Jasper parks Canada

Here is most of our track going from Omaha and back home. Streets and Trips was doing its balky Micro$oft thing and parts of the track are not shown. 3,734 miles and 9 nights on the trip. Click on the map and it will expand.