Thursday, August 22, 2019

Working on the tune

31% ethanol, water meth on at 4 psi, Got room to go up on boost. Notice the knock sensors show less on boost than vacuum.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

GMC's Onan gets a teflon fuel line

We replaced part of the Onan generator's fuel line with stainless braided teflon hose. Good for whatever ethanol gas that we use. Line was Fragola #4 p/n 360036.
Left is the original grommet and elbow that went in the bottom of the generator box. Right is a 1/4 NPT coupling welded in a plate to mount in the generator bottom box. I used steel JIC fittings not aluminum AN stuff.
Original fuel pass through.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cam signal simulator, Arduino Nano, 1999 JTEC

Getting the factory tach to work with an LS engine swap

Arduino IDE-

//Cam signal simulator

/*Goal is to provide a cam signal to a JTEC equipped 1999 Dodge Dakota to make the dash tach guage ​
 * work and make JETC think the engine is running. This JTEC seems to need a evenly spaced 8 pulse crank signal ​
 * and a cam signal that changes state every 180 degrees rotation of the cam. Also added a inverted cam signal output ​
 * which can be used in case there is a correlation issue with the JTEC. crank input D2, output on D6 and D12 */​
  int state=LOW;​
  int lastState=LOW;​
  int count=0;​
void setup() {​
  // put your setup code here, to run once:​
  pinMode(2, INPUT);​
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);​
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);​
  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);​
  state = digitalRead(2);​
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);​
  digitalWrite(12, LOW);​
  digitalWrite(6, HIGH);​
void loop() {​
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:​
  if (state == HIGH && lastState == LOW) {​
  if (count <= 7) digitalWrite(13,HIGH),digitalWrite(12,LOW),digitalWrite(6,HIGH);​
  if (count >= 8) digitalWrite(13,LOW),digitalWrite(12,HIGH),digitalWrite(6,LOW);​
  if (count >= 15) count=0;​

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Cowl mods with West Epoxy

To get a TBSS intake manifold to clear our 99 Dakota cowl with LS engine swap some trimming was required. I wanted to keep the air inlet to the HVAC like it was original with nothing from the engine compartment coming inside the cab. We used West Epoxy with 1.5 oz cloth as the first layer then three 9 oz layers on top. The 1.5 oz cloth worked pretty good keeping the resin from running right through. The plastic sheet came right of the glass after it cured and the foam held it up to set the clearance. Pleased how it turned out and I was fortunate the wiper linkage cleared too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trailblazer SS manifold swap with LM7 5.3 truck.

GM let their engineers run and they came up with a better performing intake manifold than even the stock early truck style. I did swap this using parts of the original 2000 LM7 setup. The bare manifold is GM part # 12580420 which I got from Amazon.
TBSS on the right Early truck on the left
       The orginal fuel crossover won't fit over the TBSS manifold. I made some braze on connectors from steel hydraulic fittings. Threads turned off and bored to .500" 3/8" JIC ends interchange with -6 AN fittings
Here is the steel crossover section I cut out.
Crossover connection made with Earl's speed-seal teflon line. I made an Aluminium retainer to hold a 3 bar map sensor in.
I'm using DEKA 80lb injectors which are longer than and the original fuel rails from the truck manifold. Truck rails will work with trimming and spacers. They  need different holes drilled
Oring for the crossover is size 112. It needed changed as it had taken a set and was no longer flexible. I used a Viton Oring
Added a fuel pressure sender in place of the regulator
Installed and running. I used the truck manifold fasteners after removing the rubber washers.
 Running good enough the install and refine the tune...plenty of fuel at the moment
This is what the default Megasquirt Goldbox transmission control screen looks like.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fuel surge tank with internal pump

tank from Ebay 5x5x12 with six #8ORB bungs and fittings, it is just less than .100" thick aluminum. Installed a Walbro 450LPH pump inside.
top cut off
5x5x.5 aluminum with 4.00 hole to weld in top
5x5x.75 aluminium for pump and fittings mount
Used a Champion J99 industrial spark plug for a electrical pass thru.
 Bulkhead fitting with o ring for the pump discharge

          lid seals with o ring

 Changed to a different electrical pass thru when the first attempt of using a burner electrode failed. This one is 1/4 steel all thread with a washer brazed on. Delrin bushings and an O ring seal.

Powermaster booster pump repair

Replace vanes, rotor and cam ring. This pump would run but made no pressure
pump parts come out the end after ring is removed
         Drilled a hole to get at an end of the wire ring
        wear plates, cam ring, and outlet only fit one way as they are keyed or pinned
       Vanes had worn enough that one got out and no pumping happened.
          going back together

Sometimes the wire snap ring can be reused, We used a snap ring on this one with some machine work