Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fuel surge tank with internal pump

tank from Ebay 5x5x12 with six #8ORB bungs and fittings, it is just less than .100" thick aluminum. Installed a Walbro 450LPH pump inside.
top cut off
5x5x.5 aluminum with 4.00 hole to weld in top
5x5x.75 aluminium for pump and fittings mount
Used a Champion J99 industrial spark plug for a electrical pass thru.
 Bulkhead fitting with o ring for the pump discharge

          lid seals with o ring

Powermaster booster pump repair

Replace vanes, rotor and cam ring. This pump would run but made no pressure
pump parts come out the end after ring is removed
         Drilled a hole to get at an end of the wire ring
        wear plates, cam ring, and outlet only fit one way as they are keyed or pinned
       Vanes had worn enough that one got out and no pumping happened.
          going back together

Sometimes the wire snap ring can be reused, We used a snap ring on this one with some machine work

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Trigger wheel for LS going in Dakota. Tach drive

            Eight space trigger for Dakota tach signal going on the harmonic balancer
 This eight space trigger wheel is used by Dodge on their 5.9's. GM did not do this.
                Plug weld on to the balancer
            There was about .160" clearance from the seal to the balancer. Made the    wheel about .1" thick  for clearance.
                 Puller still fits if needed
          Starting to make the sensor mount, attached to accessory mount.
      Trimmed the Dakota sensor and bolted to new mount. Dakota ECM should be happy with an original sensor.
Wheel and sensor clear all the LS stuff

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Timing mark for LS engine

LS engines have no timing mark. The balancer is not keyed either. We made a pointer and filed a mark on the flywheel to indicate TDC on cylinder 1. Used a piston stop to get two references and filed the mark at the halfway point. Want to verify the engine computer has an accurate input for crankshaft position.

    Timing tab is cut out of a license plate. Aluminium will bend out of the way    without damage to the flexplate if it contacts
         Made the tab with a slot so it could be stored pulled back from the flexplate
        Painted the file mark white.

Traction bars for Dodge Dakota

Patterned after Caltrac, Assassin and Slide a link bars. Didn't use Heim style bar ends because I didn't want the rattle.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Powermasterbrake boosters

Messing around with powermaster brake boosters try to get them to function

This valve was pitted by rust and caused the pump to cycle periodically

Friday, July 14, 2017

Rotors for GMC front

1975 Toronado front rotors will fit the GMC front hubs with boring the center hole to fit and redrilling the bolt pattern. This is a Delco 18A1 rotor.