Friday, March 30, 2012

Touch-Plate wiring system

 Swapped out a relay in this Touch-plate wiring system. Advantage of these is all switches are at 28 volts DC and the 120 volt AC circuits are dead unless the load is switched on. Parts are available here
 Here is a switch out of the wall.. low voltage switching circuit only needs small wires
 This is a touchplate relay. Was able to get it working again by cleaning and putting in graphite powder lube. Zero cost fix.
This is the power supply for the switching circuit at 28.5 volts DC. Touch-Plate calls it a transverter. Changed the capacitor out in this one a few years back rather than buy a complete new unit. Symptom of the weak cap was sometimes the relays would switch and sometimes not. These are designed to be safe for the relay coils even if a switch sticks on and no chance of fire.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ford nine inch detroit locker with Strange engineering case and daytona pinion support

 OEM Ford nine inch case and Strange Engineering case. Strange case has more ribs and thicker casting. Roger wanted a case that took the bigger carrier bearings for use with 35 spline axles.
                                                       Ford inner bearing support
 For use with a Detroit Locker a little trimming is needed for clearance. This case was really made for use with a spool and not a differential.
                                        Ground enough away so the locker clears
                                                   Setting bearing preload.....
                                                                       Ready to go.....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

range timer delete

       Mid 50's GE range timer quit and growled all the time. No replacement available.
 It is held in place by spring clips. Pop out the bottom first and it will come out of the wall
 Insulating cover is held on with screws.
 Set the timer contact block to always on so everything will work. Used a mirror cut like the original glass front of the timer to  blank it off. Cut the knob shafts off and reinstalled the timer module to hold the mirror and timer block in place.

                                   This one was blanked off with black glass.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fixing cast iron plumbing

            Cast iron stack was leaking in the wall somewhere above the basement. I've been patching this for years with epoxy and partial replacements with PVC. Time to go farther darn it. Cast iron will fail when enough time goes by.
Made a access port inside the lower kitchen cabinet too see. Leak was higher than this...
    Opened up the wall on the other side hoping to save the tile. Leak was below here.
     Sawing off the pipe after supporting it with strap iron. Buddy Dave hard at work!
     Sawed out the wye. Not much room in side the darn cabinet. Buddy Dave said  this  was my job. haha
                           Stack was split behind the toilet inside the wall.
                      Going back with PVC.  Strap iron support added under toilet flange.
                                                              PVC wye in place
                                                                       Patched back up.

Almost done patching, used 20 minute Durabond at first then 20 minute easy sand setting mud.
                             Fernco neoprene flex coupling cast iron to PVC
                                                    Fernco with shear band installed
                                                    Fernco with shear band installed

Custom PVC coupling...took out the stop so it can go past the end of the pipe and then back for no clearance use. Kind of a slip and slide deal.