Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Racoon trap rescreen and repair. Triangle insert end mill

Neighbor  Jim loaned his racoon trap to a friend  Jim's friend shot the racoons in the trap and in the process shredded the screen to where the trap wouldn't keep them inside. I got it in pieces with a new screen to install.
Took a while to figure out how it was originally.
    Wanted to get it fixed before I lost shade and the sun baked me.
    It was brazed together originally which made welding fun with the fizz of vaporizing brass. Jim says he doesn't remember how old it it is at least 40 years. Should be good for another 40 unless it gets shot up again.
Making custom roadmaster tow bracket arms for a friend. This angle measureing device is the cats meow to set and check angles.
Triangle insert end mill in action. Not real fast and the geometry is not positive like the insert is made for but it works. Got a APKT style end mill coming next week.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Shriner car clutch repair

Buddy  Jim's shriner car clutch failed so we decided to fix it.
                                      On the lift for diagnosis
      Jim's car uses a lawn tractor 4 speed transmission with a centrifugal clutch
            We dropped the rear end for clearance to work
           easy to get to the clutch now, missing a motor mount bolt too.
    The clutch was pressed together and has come apart, lost press fit because it spun. Think I can weld it back together.
  Plan to fill the hub with water before welding so the bushing will live on. A 35 mm film can lid fit the bore to seal it and hold the water. Sanded off paint where mig spot welds will go. Nothing to loose if it doesn't work.
  Spot welded back together. water boiling. Put strap iron around clutch face to keep weld splatter off of it. Bushing seems to be OK.
      Ready to reinstall. Seems to be fixed

Going back we needed to extend the motor mount slots and replace the missing bolt.

                                             Road test seems OK!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Torsion bars for the GMC and fuel rail clips for the Onan

One of the GMC netters arranged a group buy of new Torsion bars for the GMC motorhomes. Ours had run out of adjustment on the right side and the front height was lower than spec. Our original right hand bar had a 7 degree permanent twist in it and the left 2 degrees. The tool for new GM trucks worked to unload the bars for replacement.
                                                  New bars installed

To mount the fuel rail on the Onan efi conversion we are going to use 18 guage stainless to make clips. Plan to silver braze these in place.
One clip fabbed, cutting the other. I don't think you could cut this stuff with a handheld shear.
                                              Bent around 5/16 to start.
Bent around 3/8 for the finished size. Went around smaller at first to get a nice tight bend with no gaps. Stainless is pretty stiff.

                              Clip location to be determined

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Onan efi manifold test fit

           Test fit to see how the efi manifold clearances are going to work out
    Crankcase vent was the first thing that interfered so it got shortened and brazed back in. The vent hose will go under the manifold instead of over like original.
Vent fits now.

Injector from the bottom.
Fuel line and top fitting clear the compartment

Friday, May 2, 2014

Retired from the power plant

                                                       Hard at it
    My crew, a great bunch of guys. I will miss working with them. We had some adventures on shift!

                                         Lonely gas lighter on startup

                                                                   Fires in

                                                   alarm page, no smoking!

        Feed pump starts, pegs the amp gage and whines. Pump is two floor below

              Synchroscope spins as speed control tries to stabilise but doesn't.

                      Stack view during winter, it is water vapor mostly
                                            A  fan bearing failed

        A mill blew on start up of the plant next door, we heard it.

                                         Going up on load, No smoking!
                          Top of the boiler looking over precipitator

                                                     Coal mills LOUD

                    500 psi compressor pops an interstage safety, bad valves.

                                       36 years. It was a good job