Friday, May 29, 2015

bolt lock tabs and zerk for steering intermediate shaft

The boots had deteriorated on our GMC's intermediate shaft. The bolt lock tabs didn't live through the disassembly so new ones got made. Good use for a abandoned realtor sign. Put in a zerk too.

Tree 2UVR-C rapid

.750 HSS 4 flute end mill, mild steel, 300 rpm, 100% + doc, .060 step over, 2.4 ipm. Rapid feed over runs a ratchet clutch. Interesting sound I think.

Monday, May 4, 2015

spare hydroboost with matching input rod

Making a spare hydroboost with a matching input rod. Cut and threaded the rod to make a matching length booster to eye dimension. Eye was made out of cold rolled round steel.
Slug matches drilled hole angle and fits in the bottom of the hole that's not threaded. Load is on slug and not threads this way.
                         machining the slug

Rotor spacers

Bought a 6061 aluminium drop from Ebay approximately 7" diameter and 2.7 thick to make rotor spacers out of. It was band sawed on both ends and was turned with two eccentric diameters. Nothing was square. It was $27 shipped so a great price. The plan was to chuck it as best as possible, bore and face one end and then have something to base the rest on.

                                          Deep parting
                                          Done and chip pile
                               Ready for bolt holes