Sunday, February 23, 2014

wood stove electric conversion

The insurance company would not insure our earth home with a wood stove. I guess because the fire dept couldn't chop holes in the roof if there was a fire. So I converted it to electric by putting an oven element inside.
Stove is antique so no UL listing either. It was a shame not to be able to use it.
This is about as hot as it gets. Thermometer magnet mount gets weak and it almost doesn't want stay put when the temp goes up.
The heating element is 3 KW salvaged from an electric oven.
Thermostat was salvaged from the same oven the element came from. Switch is a 20 amp toggle. I made a plate that fits on the stoves flue outlet that the element is mounted on. The plate seals any hot air from going up the pipe with oven insulation between the plate and controls. Reused the high temp wire from the electric oven to connect the element to thermostat. Thermostat could be omitted, we always run it wide open. Ran wires up the pipe to supply electricity, that way the whole thing just looks like an unaltered antique stove.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bend yo trailer straighten yo trailer

My trailer got bent over time maybe from not using the legs while loading from the beavertail or maybe just overloaded. The plan was to set a ground anchor to pull against to straighten the frame and to use stuff I already had to make it
Both sides were bent...
   The ground anchor was made of half a barbell bar, a thick plate, a weight, a saw blade, and a frying pan
 Put in as deep as the three point digger would go. Placed inside curve of driveway so there was a good place to jack against
    About 40 inches deep. I figured to bury the chain to keep it out of the mower and that way could be used again if it was dug up.
Used tractor boom pole to pull against. Cut holes in the fenders to get a pull at the crown of the bend.
               Plates to keep from kinking the frame.
   Pulling spot.... The anchor started to pull out of the ground as I had only left it in a month or so. Need to wait until the ground freezes then it will be stuck good.
After the ground froze the anchor held. Good blocking and a three ton floor jack bent it back straight. Took a few times to bend and check to see where it ended up after relaxing the pull. Trailer is a 20 footer so it gets lots of leverage this way.
It took about 2 1/2 inches past straight to get it straight when relaxed. Here you can see the bow while rebending. The fenders didn't like this much and made noises.