Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lambke style caliper mounts

   Universal plates from Manny's Transmission to make fit D52 GM calipers and Lambke style forked mounts.
                   Measuring hole location on knuckle
Making a two axis fixture plate to run in the lathe
                                                    Making ears
   Bevelled for penetration, not a lot of clearance for the threaded hole that's not there yet
                                  Slotting two at a time

                    Making a drilling jig
                        Alignment bar bolted on
                                    Drilling for caliper pins
                                     Tapping caliper pin holes
         75 MM caliper test fit, Is GMC TZE original front
                  1976 Eldorado park brake caliper test fit.
                               80MM caliper test fit
                   80MM caliper on front knuckle, kinda hangs out haha