Sunday, June 28, 2015

P 30 master cylinder bench bleed and install

Chevrolet's 1992  P model service manual has the master cylinder bench bleeding procedure using plugs on the ports. Position the master with the front slightly down, push the piston with short 1 inch strokes until resistance and no bubbles. Then reposition  with the front slightly up and push the piston until no bubbles. I made a contraption that fits in a vise to do this.
 Master installed

Monday, June 22, 2015

P 30 master cylinder gets a sight glass

Sight glass for brake fluid level check without removing the lid.
Put the top and bottom fluid holes at a 15 degree angle so they will be vertical with everything installed on the Bob Stone hydroboost.
                     O rings seal the plate to the reservoir
                 Glasses are 34.5mm watch crystals 2mm thick
 8-32 button head stainless screws in tapped holes of the plate sealed with Loctite 620

            Brass nuts hold it on