Tuesday, July 29, 2014

floor plates for access to fuel senders and pumps

While the fuel tanks were out it was a good time to install access plates to the sender and pump in each tank. I drilled up through the floor where the senders are to get an accurate mark then used a six inch hole saw from the top.

Used a template and a router to make a recess the same thickness as the aluminium cover plates.
One advantage of slap and stick vinyl tile, easy to change out.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lego head propane tanks

                                      These tanks crack me up

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GMC gets fuel pumps in the tanks

In an attempt to help with vapor lock in the big flat gas tanks on the GMC I installed an electric pump in each tank. This was pioneered by Bill Bramlet and is on the GMC net. I copied the install pretty much of Airtex E3902 pumps but am running them at 10 psi.
Here it is ready to go in. I did the mount a little different using a modified carriage bolt to hold the pump and level sender.
The bolts are 3/8 by 6 cut off to fit the tank depth. There is ground screws and a washer and o ring to seal them
Filed the squares off the bolt heads and was careful not to scar the underside of the bolt head where the o ring needs to seal.
Out of focus image of making the bolt smooth for the o ring seal.
Number 203 o rings and a washer make the seal
 Level sender gets a new tab to hang on.
Tabs for pump support need to be bent up to fit.
The smaller pump is an Airtex 3902 and is what goes in the tanks. The larger pump is a Walbo gl391 and is for high pressure.
I'm running a two stage pump setup like described in Kinsler's hand book page 155.
link Kinsler's handbook
Basically the return from the surge tank is kept under pressure to keep fuel liquid. I'm set a 10 psi.
It fits!

Stove Polish

Our antique wood stove got polished. This is what I used from Amazon
It took less than a hour and used about 1/3 of the bottle.
I like how the flat and sheen highlight the castings details

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tree 2uvr-c quill handle, z clutch and Onan

Stainless heat shield to hopefully keep those plastic injectors from melting. Time will tell
Quill handle on the Tree was missing the stuff that holds the handle on. The parts book is not clear on what it should look like. There was the vestige of a spring left. Guessed and made a spring and retainer that will allow the handle to come out and reindex where you want it. I used a 5/16 bolt with the head turned to .430 round and a random spring bent to fit. The spring must have been held in place because one end was bigger and fit behind the lip of the hole in the end of the shaft. You can wind it in and it stays.
Made a brass washer to fit, a cadmium plated nut and a brass acorn nut to hold it on with a little preload. The handle pulls out and will hold after reindexing. I'd like to see what it looked like from the factory.
The Z clutch wouldn't work, found it was missing a pin. Two were there so I made a match.
The pins go in and push on a cone clutch.