Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black tank level sender and drain

                         West epoxy with 405 adhesive filler
                                            Cup to keep flange centered
                           Two layers glass outside
                                  Test fit sender and valve

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fiberglass tank trim and popping the plug.

                Cutoff wheel on a grinder trims pretty quick
Foam sheets that were the plug came unglued and separated. Compressed air from a blow gun helped pop the plug out of the tank.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Core bond

                                         Marine plywood core
                                                          Taped off
                 Left weighted two days, peeled tape after a few hours.                         Bonded with West 105/206 epoxy and 405 filler.

             Filled the score with West 105/206 and 405 filler
                                        Ready for final layup
                                        Three more layers of  8.5 oz 7725 cloth

West epoxy tool clean up with white vinegar and then soap and water

Friday, August 5, 2016

Foam plug mold

                 Glued and weighted down
    Hot wire slides better on smooth surface, wrapping template edge with aluminum cut from house siding.
                     Edge wrapped for a smooth slide
                         Hot wire cut
                     Template for side cut out
        Slope 1-3/4" front to outlet and 1-1/4" sides to outlet
                             Core and support layout. Core scored halfway through.
Sides covered with packing tape, top 4 mil polyurethane film. Heating the poly took the wrinkles out after it cooled. Heating to get it to shrink and take care of wrinkles was a total guess method but it worked.

              Ready to go.....
                      West System epoxy.......
                First layer 1.5 oz cloth from
                 Next 3 layers 8.5 oz style 7725 cloth from
                 More layers to come after the core is bonded