Friday, March 29, 2013

Tiling with QEP lash clips

      The first tile we picked got back ordered and then Ragno changed the scheduled production date to indefinite. This is the same stuff in a little different color. We could get 20 inch tile but I was concerned with how that would go as the floor is not flat enough  IMHO. These are 13 inchers.  I snapped two perpendicular chalk guide lines and sprayed them with hair spray so they would not rub off. Temporary layout to see how its going to go.
  I'm using QEP lash clips. I really like them! Keeps the tile flat and even (less lippage)
                                                                   Lash clips
                     They  costs about 40 cents a tile to use but well worth it.
                                          Clips are hard on fingers haha
              Using a 1/2 X1/2 notch trowel and back buttering the tile. Tractor weights come in handy for unruly tile.
                          Temporary boardwalk so we can still get around.

Metal Halide floor lamp conversion

 Sue had this antique 3 arm floor lamp that took a mogul base 300 watt three way lamp for the uplight. The plan is to modify it to use a 100 watt Metal Halide lamp.

 Took a measurement of the height of the light center to make a match with the new lamp. Added a switch to turn the ballast off and on.
      Comparison of the incandescent and HID lamps. This HID lamp has a 4000K color temperature and a 92 CRI and is rated for an open fixture. Lumens on the new lamp are 6150 which is just a little more than the incandescent at 1/3 the wattage. Life of the halide is 15,000 hours vs 1000 for the original.

 To mount the ballast, cap and starter I made a plate to fit under the base. Drilled and tapped the legs to put studs in to space and hold the plate on. Base is brass plated cast iron.

                                                Everything mounted on the plate
 Needed three more wires up the column for a total of five to get everything to work.
It works! Microsun makes halide lamp assemblies new
It takes a few minutes to really get going...The tube inside the bulb is I think what gives it an open fixture rating.