Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GM Idle stepper IAC

Delco IAC motors. Orifices for these motors were .390 , .460 and .560.
More steppers and a Ford fast idle valve from a 5.0
These Delco steppers have 255 steps for the the full range
Both of these have spun out slots so the shaft slips. They won't repeat position.
Amana microwave plastic handle broke, no longer available. Fabricating a replacement.
handle installed, all stainless scrap material and about 4 hours time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

EDIS distributorless ignition runs

Wire twister, twisted pairs are more resistant to induced noise. Used twisted pairs from the EDIS module to the crankshaft position sensor and to the megasquirts PIP and SAW ports.

Here is a start and run movie with no distributor.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

EDIS on the Olds 455

This is how I think Ford EDIS ignition control is going to work. Ford uses a different firing order than Olds so the legend on the coil packs is wrong. EDIS is a wasted spark system that fires two plugs at the same time so the plugs 4 off on the firing order are pairs. On the Olds this is 1-6,8-5,4-7 and 3-2. The 8 cylinder EDIS fires the coils A,B,C,D which is logical. I think it will be plug and play with the jumpers and input output setting like is used for the computer (Megasquirt) controlled HEI distributor.
Update, it does run with EDIS in base timing mode (PIP and SAW unconnected) and Megasquirt getting its tach signal from the HEI. This was with the plug wires off the HEI and connected to the coil packs. So the wiring is correct! Still have to connect PIP and SAW to megasquirt to totally switch over.
EDIS 8 modules and pigtail
Module mounted under the windshield wiper motor bracket. It should stay cool here.
Variable reluctor sensor and trigger wheel all wired up and ready to try.
Coil packs and low voltage wiring.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Coil pack mount

Heat shield and manifold
back of mount and heat shield

Mount for the packs
EDIS packs
Test fit. These will interface with Megasquirt. This is the Ford EDIS ignition system which has a limp home mode.