Monday, January 21, 2013

tile removal and thinset grinding

              Removing tile. Started with an air chisel and custom dust collector box
          Switched to an electric hammer which did work better.
                                                             Grinding thinset
                             Made a plug to fit in the hvac vent
Grinder in action. Dust Muzzle makes a dust collector to fit on a variety of grinders.
   Firestone Winterforce big and little. Liked them on the car and now got them for the truck.
                                Rotten weather to be messing with tires
                           Winter force balance. One took 2.5 oz and the others nothing.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zoneminder, ethernet cables in a concrete structure

                               Running Ethernet cables in a concrete structure
   Drywall glued to concrete, no void for wires. Router made groove for cable channel
             Almost patched back up with 20 minute setting compound.
                              Zoneminder montage. All IP cameras, way better than analog.

On the road

                                                       Kanab Utah
                                     Chester Illinois, home of Popeye creator
                                           Popeye museum Chester Illinois
                              Natchez Mississippi where we started on the Natchez Trace
                                          Cannon at Vicksburg National Park
             The south had cannon here at Vicksburg to cover the river
                                                   Meriwether Lewis gravesight

Friday, January 4, 2013

Crane HI-6N and GM DIS wasted spark test

I've been fiddling with our Onan generator trying to do away with the points and to get some kind of high energy ignition going that will allow larger than the standard .020 plug gap. So far we have a Ford crank position sensor for a trigger and a 4 pin HEI module to switch the coil. I found that it will drive the Onan coil OK but not a modern GM DIS coil. Found a used Crane HI-6N CDI ignition box on Ebay to experiment with. These are analog technology with a magnetic trigger to comply with NASCAR rules. It should be about overkill for this application.
                         Here is a pic of the mag trigger and HEI module on the Onan
         A short movie of the ignition box driving a DIS coil as a test, I think it will be OK. Notice the spark and trigger come and go in the video, the cameras was at 30 frames per second and the trigger and initial sparks were at 30 cycles per second also but really must have been slightly different. Viewing it live looks continuous.