Sunday, December 29, 2013

Onan manifold continued

              Rotary file makes quick work of an opening for the carb stub

                                       Cleaning getting ready to weld

 There was some distortion that corrected with heating while restrained on the fixture

Friday, December 27, 2013

Onan intake manifold

Test fit. Went around the breaker point box to get a better angle for injectors
                                                Holes for carb flange

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hay Bear, tig and a monkey fist

         Hay Bear, Crescent Iowa. Made of round hay bales.
                                                           Tig weld
   Purple "monkey fist" on my tungsten. I got the filler rod on it and contaminated it. Supposed to be a point
                                          Hacked and tacked
                                        Scribed............These are 1.80" radius bends
                           Setting height to match original

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Skid steer on its side, Onan gets a modification

Buddy dave tipped his Case skid steer and was rescued by his neighbor. No harm done.
        Fixture and flanges to make an injection manifold Onan NH power drawer
                                     Hope I can stuff it all in there

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

vacation in the shop

                                               Uncanning governors
                                                             Making chips
                    Governor can parts...It took me three days to make 17 of them.
                    Used carbide insert bits for the first time. They cut fast but did                               interesting things with thermal distortion of the parts.
                 Shaper cuts a key slot for a belt pulley reduction.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flip down trailer license plate

The car hauler plate used to be under the left side tail light where it got beat up by rocks and road debris.  It was hard to see and prone to be torn off so it got moved to the dovetail on a flip down cover.
        Plate light is LED so slamming the cover down won't kill it.
                        Flipped down for loading over the dovetail
   Hole to lift it with. Hinge is 1/2 steel round and 1/2 schedule 80 pipe. Hinge has enough clearance so rust shouldn't stick it.
    Frame is 2X1/4 angle pieced together from scrap that was too short. Milled the slot in the support arm on my new to me Tree vertical mill.
                                                   Install in progress

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Onan electronic high energy ignition

I've been messing around trying to get a high energy  electronic ignition with a good tach signal on our Onan generator. I had it going with a Ford VR sensor driving a 4 pin HEI module. The down side to that was it wouldn't drive a wasted spark coil like I wanted. It would drive the stock Onan coil or a DIS coil with  a ballast resistor. Not enough energy to blow across a gap bigger than .020 Above I'm testing the Ford variable reluctor crank position sensor driving a Crane HI6 N igition box with a GM DIS wasted spark coil. The VR sensor required about 70 to 90 K of series resistance so it would trigger the Crane box with out noise triggers. DIS coil worked in excess of .050 gap on both plugs with the HI6's output  That is high energy ignition!

Beats the heck out of the Onan spec .020 gap and there are multiple sparks. A  12 volt square wave tach signal to use for fuel injection comes out of the Crane box.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

some pics

                                                         Bat Signal
                                       Drain plate made of HDPE
                                       Rapid feed pin replacement
                                                      HDPE shim

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tree 2UVR-C mill

Got me a mill...

 From HGR In Euclid Ohio shipped by Dohrn. I picked it up at the terminal in Omaha.
                                   Marshall Michaels was the guy
  Tree 2UVR-C's have power feed on X,Y and Z axis and are stiffer than a Bridgeport. The next larger size Tree doesn't have a nodding head. I'm guessing this one was built in the late 60's. There is a Tree user group on Yahoo.

Click to join TreeMillingMachines
Click to join TreeMillingMachines

                     Door 105 inches trailer 103 tight fit
                                  Took some time to get it through
                      Dumped the air ride bags for height clearance
             Need just a little less height, flattening the trailer tires did it.
                      Hard on tires but what you gonna do?

                     Clears the door frame by 1/2"
            Flying 2,300 lbs, pulled to the side so it doesn't destroy the trailer fender.
                     Landed on 3/4 pipes so it will roll.
           Shipped with the head inverted to get the center of gravity lower. A lot of the head gearbox oil ended up in the motor but it seems OK.
                                           Rewire to 240 from 440

Friday, August 2, 2013

Exmark lazer idler rebuild

Buddy Dave brought his Lazer mower over for some fixing. The real issue is one cylinder loses spark when it gets hot. We moved the coil/pickup a little closer to the flywheel magnet instead of buying a new coil assembly. We will see how that works. While it was under repair we noticed that one of the belt idlers had a shot bearing. Upon examination we could see the spot welds that held the idler together and decided to attempt to just replace the bearing instead of replacing the whole deal. I had a few new 6203 both sides sealed bearings for alternator repairs on my stock. Turns out these bearings fit.

We used 1/4 X 5/8 bolts to put it back together.