Thursday, June 18, 2020

Onan injector test-efi retrofit

I'm using Yamaha YZF R6 injectors for the 6KW gasoline generator EFI retrofit.
This is a 2004 throttle body set to raid parts off of. Need two injectors, the wire harness connectors and the throttle position sensor.
Throttle position sensor with tamperproof fasteners- not for long ha
  Throttle position sensor and injectors in planned locations

North Omaha flow bench using mineral spirits and compressed air to maintain pressure.
250 ml graduated cylinders, a remote start button and a 12 volt power supply.
Spray pattern check, they seemed OK or at least the same.
Flow over time check, need to know this to get in the ball park for setup of the Megasquirt ecu. Flow was 127cc in 30 seconds at 43 psi. Checked out for matching reistance, all were about 11.5 ohms

Kiln control retrofit

Original control was two switches with high low off for each element. No temperature control at all. It required close watching.
  New control kit has two SSR's a type K thermocouple and a ramp and step control. From Amazon

Mostly installed, I put the SSR's low to keep them out of the heat and made a heat shield for the controller.
Thermocouple installed in the upper peep hole. Controller pulses SSR's to control heat input.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

EDM test with Dave and Roy

We build and test a low budget EDM for burning out broken taps, bolts and making holes in hard metals. Stepper motor control is an Arduino UNO set up for gap current control. This was steel
Test with aluminum. Hex hole burned with EDM. 35 -45 volts electrode positive
Redesign with a linear actuator for ram

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Copper chill weld repair

Our storage box for a Sioux seat grinder kit was missing the tab one one side to latch the top down. I didn't notice until I'd already painted the box. My plan was to use a copper chill to mask off what I didn't want wire feed weld to stick on and then the tab could be ground to fit. I used flattened copper tube for the chill.