Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vintage Amana Microwave repair

 Our 1980 vintage Amana radar range's timer went goofy. Touch pad generated random numbers. As you can see the time displays 3608. I figured to shotgun the power supply parts and see if that would get it going again.  There is no place in town to get parts so I ordered them from  Wholesale Electronics Inc out of Mitchell South Dakota. I replaced two zener diodes that regulate voltage and three electrolytic capacitors. One of the caps was not available in its original 250v rating so I substituted a 350 volt. parts cost $5.28 and shipping was $11.90
     Timer out of its hole. This thing is built like a tank.
                 Stud mount triac came unbonded during disassembly oh well.
                  Two of the caps that got replaced the zeners are next to the transformer
                              J-B weld used to glue the triac back together
                                                                        Hope it holds


                                                    It works again
                                                           making parts for governors