Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leblond lathe gets a DRO part two - Y axis

       Saw where some kits have a mounting plate like this for installing on as cast surfaces. Made my own out of aluminum flat.
 Scale needs to be aligned with the sensor heads path. These plates give adjustment for this.
Painted the mount gold as I did not have any gray. X axis scale is .00005" resolution and Y .0002".   Go this from
Very pleased with it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leblond lathe gets a DRO part one - X axis

                                   X axis glass scale alignment check. 

 Sensor mount clears taper attachment. Scale would just fit under the cover and this way is protected and leaves room for the follow rest. Real glad it would fit like this and got the low profile scale for this purpose.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Road trip Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

                       Jackson Hole, going to ride the tram
                                                  Tram Looking up
                                                Jackson Hole from the top
     Behind the GMC are a couple of experimental nuclear jet engines. 
                        These are in Arco, Idaho at the EBR1 museum
           EBR1 museum the first nuclear electricity was generated here in 1951
              Link to experimental breeder reactor museum

             Control room from the 50's. I recognize some of this stuff, it's like what the old power station I work at used to have.
                  Sue fixing to start it back up. Link to Idaho national lab below

                    Close up of one of the nuke jet engines. Link below about it.
                        We got in a cattle drive along with the Meadow Gold guy
                 Sign above door said it would be open tomorrow!  We didn't want to wait so we ate across the street
                                                       Along the road