Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shelterlogic 14X12X32 rv shelter

When our previous storage doubled rent something needed to change. We got a shelter logic structure with an upgraded cover to store our GMC motorhome in. The payback is 14 months so it was a no brainer.  The video said 5 hours to erect but that is very optimistic!
                                                                        New home
 It all fit in one load. I had it held at the trucking terminal and picked it up. Saved some $ plus they load it with a forklift.
                                               Some of the boxes of frame tubes
 Assembled the top tubes in the shade. It was over 100F and the tubes would get so hot you couldn't hold on to them.
 Ready to lift the top section and insert wall tubes. Sue helped a lot with this.
 We cut some stainless pads to fix to the feet and pin the legs with rebar through the plates and in the ground. The plasma cutter is a everlast powerpro 256.
                                      SS plates with 5/8 rebar pins in the ground
 Anchored down. I broke two duckbill anchors as the ground is so dry and hard.
                                                                        Ends on
 We made one custom bolt as it was easier than filing the holes for line up. Every other bolt was OK for line up.
 Ready to pull the top on. It took two of us and it wasn't easy.
 Buddy Dave in action. We got the top secured before the wind picked up.
                                                 About 4" of top clearance.

Promariner battery charger, Ferro Resonant failure

Buddy Roger had a Promariner 80 amp 3 bank charger that quit on his boat. We think the electrical hi jinks that follows a code compliant rewire caused by rebuilding the docks after the Missouri river 2011 flood might have killed it. Code now requires GFI breakers at the power post which is an ongoing problem. Most boats on the docks have problems. Roger has two refrigerators and  air conditioning which give the GFI's fits.
The short version is the transformer failed so it is time to get a new charger.

Testing showed 2 volts out of the transformer open circuit and 21 volts across the capacitor. Rectifiers tested good as did the circuit breakers. Tried substituting larger and smaller caps but no joy.  Promariner has good trouble shooting information at
The transformer has failed. Better to get a new charger.