Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Everlast Powerpro 256 spark gap adjust

I've had this multiprocess Everlast welder for about 6 years and its been great. Lately the plasma torch wouldn't always light off and then it got to where it would not light off even with new consumables. This machine has a spark gap on the high frequency start for tig and plasma. Read up on the forums and some had to mess with the gap. Read that the multiprocess units need a gap of .035 to .045".  I set this at about .042" and now it lights every time. It was less to begin with but not much. Gap points are behind the front cover on the left side.

Movie shows gap sparking then plasma torch lighting off. Glad this is going.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Larger master reservoir

JF9 master with a G10 reservoir installed reversed has a very small reserve capacity for brake wear. Made up a larger aluminum reservoir with a sight glass and Toyota cap.
Paper pattern and partially done
sight glass is a watch crystal and sealed with an o-ring

Monday, June 6, 2016

Replacement air springs for the GMC

OEM Firestone air springs are no longer available and the aftermarket oem springs don't get a lot of positive recommendations. Mark Grueninger made a set of adapters to use a current Firestone 9294 spring. His post is here.
Thanks to Mark I set out to make a set like his.

From Ebay I got steel discs for $10 each and combined shipping of $16.
I already had a section of 3x4x12 rectangle tube with 1/4 wall to use for standoffs.
Milling a 1/4" over 6" taper on a standoff.
Offset the spring mount to bogey 1/2" to clear the wheel well. Spring maximum OD specs at 10.7" from Firestone's data sheet.

 R&S Leafspring had the best price on the springs.

test fit all the way up

test fit all the way down
Painted and installed at normal ride height.