Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everlast plasma cutter and welder

Trimming 5" channel with plasma cutter. Used 40 amps.
Plasma cutter needs dry air so I used snow for a refrigerant dryer.
Everlast PowerPro 256 combination stick, TIG welder and plasma cutter. A huge bargain for what it does. Wish I had it years ago.
Press brake in progress. Bottom dies are next to be made. Welds were done with  1/8" 7018 at 130 amps on the Everlast. Springs are Olds 455 valve springs, two on each side.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

South Bend shaper oil pump fix and making a press brake die

Shaper oil pump has been erratic and it finally quit. Serial number shows it was built in 1959
This lever that actuates the pump quit moving.
Took it apart and found that the lever got out of the cam groove and slipped between the cam and case. Added a few washers so that might not happen again.
The lever is supposed to stay in this eccentric cam groove on the back of the bull gear. I was glad to find the gear is steel and not phenolic plastic like some shapers.
Shaper parts
Tapered pin holds stuff in place

Cutting off parts of the scrap metal I'm going to make the die out of.

Fixture to make the bevel with. 40 degrees from horizontal.
Cutting the bevel

Short stroke for this. Oil pump stayed working :-)

All done. 80 degree edge for springback making true 90's. Steel for die is 3/4 X 4"

Another motion video

Monday, January 17, 2011

Texas bbq tour

Big G Smoke house BBQ Duncan OK. Had a brisket sandwich and smoked turkey sandwich. mmm good
Hog Wild BBQ Wichita KS. Had take out ribs. Their sauce is has mustard in it and was very good.
La Fortuna in Duncan OK. Check out this smoker. They were closed as we went by in the morning.
Hard Eight BBQ. These guys have the best presentation and real good ribs... Stephenville Tx. We had been there before a couple of years ago and wanted to try it again.
All smoked up outside. You buy meat the pound and then go inside.
Sides are inside. We had ribs and they are the GREAT. This is where we really were headed.
Sue spotted this GMC in Enid OK. No one was around so we left a card on the windshield.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kansas City BBQ - Oklahoma Joe's

 Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, Kansas City, Kansas. Looks like it was a BP gas station at one time.

I got  a half rack of ribs  and Sue a brisket sandwich. Good stuff.

 The hatch lifts on the Yaris got weak and I got tired of banging my head on the hatch when it didn't go all the way up. Toyota wanted $124 each for the gas way that's going to happen. Besides theirs didn't even last 4 years. From Ebay I got two 120 lb gas springs for $23. Original top mount was not going to work with the new springs. Made different mounts and it is good again.

Harbor freight 20 ton press just fits.