Wednesday, January 19, 2011

South Bend shaper oil pump fix and making a press brake die

Shaper oil pump has been erratic and it finally quit. Serial number shows it was built in 1959
This lever that actuates the pump quit moving.
Took it apart and found that the lever got out of the cam groove and slipped between the cam and case. Added a few washers so that might not happen again.
The lever is supposed to stay in this eccentric cam groove on the back of the bull gear. I was glad to find the gear is steel and not phenolic plastic like some shapers.
Shaper parts
Tapered pin holds stuff in place

Cutting off parts of the scrap metal I'm going to make the die out of.

Fixture to make the bevel with. 40 degrees from horizontal.
Cutting the bevel

Short stroke for this. Oil pump stayed working :-)

All done. 80 degree edge for springback making true 90's. Steel for die is 3/4 X 4"

Another motion video

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