Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cam Position sensor in a Olds HEI body

Olds HEI with the reluctor wheel, rotor mount and reluctor coil mount removed. The Bosch shutter is in the lower corner.
Turning the shaft end to accept the bosch shutter
Boring the shutter to fit on the shaft. It was held on before with a fairly loose press fit and a pin.
Shutter wheel with all the shutters ground off except one. It is a press fit on the Olds shaft.
Hall effect sensor mounted. Used aluminium rivets to hold it as they are non magnetic.
Shutter clears the bottom of the sensor by .020. This is lower than the operating position as the gear runs against the block at the bottom of the distributor cavity when it is in the engine.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hall Effect cam position sensor

The plan is to modify the Olds distributor to be a cam position sensor. Got some Honeywell hall effect sensors from Newark and a Bosch distributor from a Volkswagon to mess with.

I might use the shutter wheel from the Bosch with all the shutters removed except one. Bosch used the same type of sensor for ignition triggering.
Sharpening blades for the first mowing, what a thing to get started.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Setting toe

Adjustable gage
Marking tires

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Sky shop alignment

These are the tools for alignment. I've had the Auto Pro tool for years and the turn plates about 5 years. The plates make it much easier and you can get a repeatable 20 degree swing rather than using the steering wheel as a guesstimate.
My beautiful and able assistant is holding the range pole for elevation readings where the tire contact points are marked on the concrete. That way all the contact points can be shimmed for level. Big Sky shop is not level.
On the plates ready to adjust. The right front was set at zero elevation and every thing else shimmed to match. It took a 2 7/8 shim (wood ) under the left front and various other shims for the back wheels.
I followed the master Bob Drewes's settings 3 1/2 caster, right camber 1/8, left camber 1/4 and toe out of 1/32. Toe might be more like 3/32 - hard to get a repeatable measurement.
I really like how it drives. I notice the wheel wants to return to center after a turn more than it did before.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Offset Bushings for upper A arms

Pushing old bushing out.
Pushing new bushing in.
Unhinged with upper A arm out.
Putting these offset bushings in will change the range of adjustment for + caster and let the camber be unchanged. The half moon pieces are sections of 1 1/2 pipe cut to fit in the arm to prevent distorting it while pressing bushings in and out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Travel in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Park Rapids
Bemidji state park picnic. While we were there Sue heard something down by the water....

What she heard was ice being blown up on the shore. I couldn't get the camera in movie mode quick enough to get a movie before it stopped. I never did hear it.
International Falls, logging is one of the industries.
One one side of the divide water goes to Hudson Bay on the other the Gulf of Mexico. This was on Minnesota highway 53.
Duluth lift bridge from the west.
Bayfield Wisconsin. These fishing boats are enclosed so fishing can be done in bad weather. they run a net out the back and then empty the net into the boat from the side doors.