Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quick trip to Minnesota

We ended up in Detroit Lakes MN. No parking on the lake...
Sue walked longer than I would go on this path.
Found a shade spot just outside the park. GMC in the center of the pic.
There was a farmers market going in the park. We got aspargus and bread for lunch.
Redwood Falls Minnesota. The falls were man made ;_)

The dash ac compressor clutch belt was slipping everytime the clutch cycled. I taped up the outside air inlet to keep any outside air from coming in with the selector in vent. The Onan fired up and ran both roof airs so we were OK. Looked at the weather before we left and the front didn't move like it was supposed to. We were a couple hundred miles on the hot side of it. I try to avoid heat, can get plenty of that at home. Would have went west into North Dakota if I had up to date weather maps. This trip was the longest we've run the generator for air conditioning.
Tightened up the ac belt first morning after stuff cooled off. Then the dash air worked too.

Dan And Teri

My friends Dan and Teri were having transmission shifting problems with their GMC. I went to their home and we worked at it until it was found that swapping governors cured it. Took the non working governor back home and I think fixed it. Photos here
Swapped the fixed governor in my GMC and it seems to be OK now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wind bells

Susie and I made some some wind bells out of out of date compressed gas cylinders. Here is how they sound.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Olds 455 cam position sensor

Modified HEI body in the hole. Wire pigtail with weatherpak connector.
Flat top cover.
We had a storm come in from the south east and the sunlight came in from the west under the clouds. Odd colors.