Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slumping bottle and other stuff

Sue had a wine bottle from a wedding shower we thought to slump and make serving tray or at least an art piece for the couple.

Bottle just fits
Partway done. Glass melts around 1475 degrees and the slump once it starts goes pretty quick. We used the color seen through the peep holes to guess a 1000 hold and to see when the slump started. To stop the slump opening the lid periodically to drop the temp to 1000 again and then over night to anneal.
Turned out OK or at least it is not a puddle or shattered.
Aerial refueling

Check this out. Look at how she flips the switches to change the pickup configuration and the sound. It's a Parker guitar with a piezo bridge and two humbucker pickups

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Testing Corvette style "windowed" primary governor weights

Modified the primary weights to have a "window" like GM did for Corvettes with 700R4 transmissions. This was a removal of about 20% if the weight.
Windowed weight and a B&M kit.
Installed for testing, I found the effect to be very small. If anything it may make the light throttle shifts later. Hardly noticeable..... real changes need to be made with secondary weights and springs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Governor weights

Drilled a 1/4 hole in the primary weights and could not tell any difference in how the gov acted.
Swapped in this lighter weight and there was a slight difference. Mostly the 2-3 shift was later.
Parts swapping
A few parts. Spring color seems to be somewhat random, same color different spring. Some springs are wound left hand and some right hand. These are random turbo hyramatic governor springs and weights from the junkyard except the tagged spring. The tagged spring was behind the vacuum modulator spool, took that out in 2007. Removing it gave more range on the vac modulator.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

American Gothic

Dubuque Iowa, American Gothic statue. Made of fiberglass