Monday, August 23, 2010

VE Analyzer Live on Tuner Studio

Ms3 Ve table tuning. VE Analyzer live tunes the VE bins to match the AFR table. Disabled barometric correction and used parts of the previous MS2 table to get a rough tune. This software seems to work way better than auto mixture control and autotune that was included in Megatune. Below is a vid on Youtube so it will be big enough to see good.

MS3 Runs!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Megasquirt 3 firmware flash

Loading the flash memory... Don't need the boot jumper like MS2
It worked......using a serial cable. never tried USB.
MS3 with the cables plugged in. MS2 on the floor unhooked.

Mallory regulator fix and WBO calibration

After two years this Mallory 4305M fuel regulator started buzzing, it even vibrated the fuel lines. Mallory's tech support said cause was a weak diaphragm and replacing it fixed it. Amazon had repair kits. It was not obvious that the old diaphragm was faulty. Update...had so much trouble with this regulators diaphragms later I gave up on it and installed an Aeromotive brand regulator.
Setting pressure. Good thing to have a spare.
Free air calibration of the wide band oxygen sensor. Supposed to do this every year or 20K miles. It gets pretty warm but the cal doesn't take long to finish. Sensor needs to be out of the pipe to do it right.

Gregg's vist and some caching

Dan and Teri Gregg stopped by on their way home. I got to geocache with the experts....
Here is a cache that Sue and I couldn't find ourselves.
Rainbow over a GMC.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Megasquirt 3 engine controller upgrade

These are the parts to convert a MS2 to MS3. Basically it's a daughter card swap which is the same deal as converting a MS 1 to a MS2. MS3 takes a taller case. Got these jewels from Diyautotune
MS2 surgery. The red jumper is for knock input and goes to a user prototype area on the board, it should function the same with MS3.
MS 3 daughter card installed.
MS3 has serial and usb interfaces. There is a slot for a memory card for data logging. Didn't get a MS3X card as they are not widely available yet. MS3X is the real meat and attaches to the other end of the case and has ribbon cables to the MS3 daughter card.. Sequential fuel is what I want out of it.
MS3 requires Tuner Studio software. It's no cost like Megatune. You have to buy a license for the autotune and datalogging parts if you want that. It's reasonable. Here is a screenshot of demo mode. I think I like it!