Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homelite Super EZ chainsaw module replacement

                                                            New ignition module
 This saw finally quit sparking and needed a new points all electronic
                                                Aftermarket module to be installed
                                   Needs blown out after many years of use
 Used folded paper to set clearance, Must be OK as it ran afterwards
                           Hardest part was getting the new boot on

Monday, November 19, 2012

Zoneminder Video Security

I have been waiting for prices to get low enough to install a video surveillance setup. This is what I have come up with...Zoneminder software and a combination of IP and analog cameras.

Montage view at night a couple are on IR illumination and couple are incandescent.
 Web interface, I have Zoneminder running on a Ubuntu 12.04 server
             Motion log, You can play them back, export or look at stills.
                Cheap Ebay analog camera, it does pretty good even with built in IR.
 Foscam FI8909 IP camera, about $60. I took the IR leds out because it is looking through glass. Night view would be a bright blur other wise
 Taking a pic of the above 8909. Motion lights are on..The red border is what zoneminder is set for on motion detect. This still was exported.
 Foscam 8910 pan and tilt IP camera. I have one of these also in the motorhome on wifi, shown on the montage. This one looks out the front door or in the house. Cost about $90
I put the wired IP cameras and the server on a switch to keep the network traffic down on the router. Motorhome wifi cam goes through the router but it is only one camera.

Update.... 4 years later running zoneminder with nine IP cameras. Server is quad core running around 25%. Very pleased.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Southern vacation

 Ran Tuner Studio's VE analyse live for  a while.  Changed Fuel pressure regulator    last fall and hadn't retuned.
 No more room in the computer closet...server going up for space haha

Saturday, September 15, 2012

hull liner as headliner

 I'm using Hull liner an Ozite like fabric. I got this idea from the bus nuts forum and the stuff from:

 Supplies used. Dap landau top adhesive is the stuff to use. I got it from Rochford
 Cement sprayed on, two coats sprayed at 90 degrees from each other. I read to do two coats on the busnuts forum. It took 3/4 of the gallon of cement.
                                                                     Glued up!
                             Needed wedges  to gain clearance to slide this panel in
                                                                 Partial install
                                                      Installed! I have three days in it.
Perfectfit ships without folding. No creases that way, costs a little more to ship but probably worth it. I got 6 running yards there was about a 6 inch strip left over.Not a lot of room for error.
                                                Cement works on shoes too !

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bending PVC conduit

 Hot bending PVC conduit. I don't have a "hot box" like a real electrician but the heat gun works if you take your time. Warming up the inside first. Took about 45 minutes total....
                                                  90 is bent, making a 3 1/4" off set.
                                                    1/2" offset on the other end
                                                 Letting it cool, it wants to go back haha
New Trojan house batteries! It seems automotive style round top posts are extinct for 2GC size batteries so we needed new bolt on cables.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Slumping bottles and more anchors

                                                               Image with flash
                                                             No flash image
       We had about a 60% success rate due to glass sticking to kiln parts.
                  Doubled up on shelter anchors,  30 inch auger anchors set in by air impact

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shelterlogic 14X12X32 rv shelter

When our previous storage doubled rent something needed to change. We got a shelter logic structure with an upgraded cover to store our GMC motorhome in. The payback is 14 months so it was a no brainer.  The video said 5 hours to erect but that is very optimistic!
                                                                        New home
 It all fit in one load. I had it held at the trucking terminal and picked it up. Saved some $ plus they load it with a forklift.
                                               Some of the boxes of frame tubes
 Assembled the top tubes in the shade. It was over 100F and the tubes would get so hot you couldn't hold on to them.
 Ready to lift the top section and insert wall tubes. Sue helped a lot with this.
 We cut some stainless pads to fix to the feet and pin the legs with rebar through the plates and in the ground. The plasma cutter is a everlast powerpro 256.
                                      SS plates with 5/8 rebar pins in the ground
 Anchored down. I broke two duckbill anchors as the ground is so dry and hard.
                                                                        Ends on
 We made one custom bolt as it was easier than filing the holes for line up. Every other bolt was OK for line up.
 Ready to pull the top on. It took two of us and it wasn't easy.
 Buddy Dave in action. We got the top secured before the wind picked up.
                                                 About 4" of top clearance.