Monday, November 19, 2012

Zoneminder Video Security

I have been waiting for prices to get low enough to install a video surveillance setup. This is what I have come up with...Zoneminder software and a combination of IP and analog cameras.

Montage view at night a couple are on IR illumination and couple are incandescent.
 Web interface, I have Zoneminder running on a Ubuntu 12.04 server
             Motion log, You can play them back, export or look at stills.
                Cheap Ebay analog camera, it does pretty good even with built in IR.
 Foscam FI8909 IP camera, about $60. I took the IR leds out because it is looking through glass. Night view would be a bright blur other wise
 Taking a pic of the above 8909. Motion lights are on..The red border is what zoneminder is set for on motion detect. This still was exported.
 Foscam 8910 pan and tilt IP camera. I have one of these also in the motorhome on wifi, shown on the montage. This one looks out the front door or in the house. Cost about $90
I put the wired IP cameras and the server on a switch to keep the network traffic down on the router. Motorhome wifi cam goes through the router but it is only one camera.

Update.... 4 years later running zoneminder with nine IP cameras. Server is quad core running around 25%. Very pleased.

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