Friday, August 5, 2016

Foam plug mold

                 Glued and weighted down
    Hot wire slides better on smooth surface, wrapping template edge with aluminum cut from house siding.
                     Edge wrapped for a smooth slide
                         Hot wire cut
                     Template for side cut out
        Slope 1-3/4" front to outlet and 1-1/4" sides to outlet
                             Core and support layout. Core scored halfway through.
Sides covered with packing tape, top 4 mil polyurethane film. Heating the poly took the wrinkles out after it cooled. Heating to get it to shrink and take care of wrinkles was a total guess method but it worked.

              Ready to go.....
                      West System epoxy.......
                First layer 1.5 oz cloth from
                 Next 3 layers 8.5 oz style 7725 cloth from
                 More layers to come after the core is bonded

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