Monday, May 26, 2014

Shriner car clutch repair

Buddy  Jim's shriner car clutch failed so we decided to fix it.
                                      On the lift for diagnosis
      Jim's car uses a lawn tractor 4 speed transmission with a centrifugal clutch
            We dropped the rear end for clearance to work
           easy to get to the clutch now, missing a motor mount bolt too.
    The clutch was pressed together and has come apart, lost press fit because it spun. Think I can weld it back together.
  Plan to fill the hub with water before welding so the bushing will live on. A 35 mm film can lid fit the bore to seal it and hold the water. Sanded off paint where mig spot welds will go. Nothing to loose if it doesn't work.
  Spot welded back together. water boiling. Put strap iron around clutch face to keep weld splatter off of it. Bushing seems to be OK.
      Ready to reinstall. Seems to be fixed

Going back we needed to extend the motor mount slots and replace the missing bolt.

                                             Road test seems OK!

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