Thursday, September 17, 2015


                                                 Watson Lake
                                  Alaska Highway
                                       By Watson lake...We picked up a mouse hitch hiker ha
                             Turn again bay

               Speedo gear gave out but I had a new one!
   Cruise control gave out in multiple ways... Foam filter deteriorated enough that the solenoid couldn't pull in, removed. Minimum speed switch went erratic so it got jumpered with a paper clip at the transducer. Stalk switch went out so it was replaced with a door bell button for engage and jumpered the hold part to always be on. Still turns off with the brake pedal. Love my auto throttle.
   Glacier by Denali
   On the way to Homer spit
        Fish at homer spit
     On the way to Stewart
   Fellow GMC at Stewart...This coach was Darren Paget's who did stainless countertops
Norm Alinson present owner
Ferry to Dawson
Attempted window repair  from rocks thrown by a nine axle truck. The window later cracked big and needed replaced
Lost a headlight too


Took a flight around Denali from K2

Around Denali

Transportation museum Whitehorse

Richardson Highway

Glacier view camp

                      Tunnel to Whittier, share with train and one way traffic
Going in

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