Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Touch-plate relay fix

Sue's Touch-Plate lighting system had a relay that wouldn't switch. Took it apart lubed the step wheel , shaft and ratchet with graphite and now it switches again. These things get cooked in the attic. This relay is a 1550B, no longer available and has been replaced by a touch-plate 3000 relay.
These have a 28 volt dc coil and are supposed to change state every time they get a pulse. This one just thumped and had quit turning off and on,

Relay bank in the attic

 disassembled and lubed with powdered graphite.
 Bench test using a 20 volt laptop power brick. Relays are 28 volt so if 20 does it 28 should too.
testing, now it works
 New style 3000 relay in the middle of the image, It is wider and has screw terminals.

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