Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TH 425 governor loose yoke

Here is a couple TH 425 governors that have the yoke coming loose.
 Yoke brazed back in place. I submerge most of the shaft in water so none of the fits get hot and change dimension.
 Some of the new gears are different and need shimmed. Got caught on this last time. Got die button shims on order which should work. Need to get these done and back to Jim K.
Another quirk, this governor has an additional spring between the bottom of the spool and gear. First time seen this.


  1. Ever figure out what that additional spring was for? Looks like the counterweights are drilled too. Perhaps looking for later shift points? Wonder what the result was of both. Mine shifts WAY too soon.

  2. Left the extra spring out and it tested OK without. Someone was in there messing around I figure. Must not have worked out for them.