Saturday, October 23, 2010

TH 425 Governor cans part 5

3 1/2 schedule 80 pipe to make seal retainers out of. Pretty close to what is needed I.D and O.D. This stuff doesn't machine as good as some other, gummy like.
Chuck it up short.
Boring to fit over the can top.
Parting, out kinda far so bull nose center to stiffen it up.
Going slow here, no support.
Ring and can top
How it fits on, hold an O ring seal and has a lip to get a screwdriver in to pop it apart.
Together with a slot for prying it back open. Need to tack weld the retainer on. Ripe for weight and spring changes...tune it like you want.
Bail holds it together and in the hole.
can parts.
how the originals fit.

parts ring out.

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