Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crossed over to Canada at Buffalo NY. Canadian customs was kind of different this time. We had our passports and nothing to hide. The officer was kind of a hard guy and questioned me and must not have liked what or how I answered. I thought I was being polite. They ended up searching the coach for a little while and made us sit on a bench outside. Finding nothing they let us go on our way. We did overhear him say to another officer "that is quite a chariot". He did notice the clear engine cover and Sue told him that way we can see where the gas is going. Drove on up to Niagara Falls and got an $8 all day parking spot at the Skylon tower. Walked down the the Falls and it was not the tourist season, cold windy and not many others there. Had a pricey lunch at Planet Hollywood and headed back across to the US. The US customs officer had a trainee and she was trying to be serious. The guy had never seen a GMC before (too young) and I was eating gummy worms and speaking thru the small side window. He was laughing and she got stuck when we didn't have an answer where we were staying. I said wherever we stop we stay and I didn't know for sure. They let us back in without a search.
We headed north to Lake Ontario and Fort Niagara. The image shows the Toronto skyline across the lake You can just barely see it and the wind was blowing hard out of the north. The image will enlarge if you click it.

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