Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fuel surge tank with internal pump

tank from Ebay 5x5x12 with six #8ORB bungs and fittings, it is just less than .100" thick aluminum. Installed a Walbro 450LPH pump inside.
top cut off
5x5x.5 aluminum with 4.00 hole to weld in top
5x5x.75 aluminium for pump and fittings mount
Used a Champion J99 industrial spark plug for a electrical pass thru.
 Bulkhead fitting with o ring for the pump discharge

          lid seals with o ring

 Changed to a different electrical pass thru when the first attempt of using a burner electrode failed. This one is 1/4 steel all thread with a washer brazed on. Delrin bushings and an O ring seal.

Surge tank lives under the Dakota's bed front left corner. Factory pump supplies fuel to the surge tank thru a flex fuel sensor and returns from the top of the surge back to the original tank. Original pump operates at low pressure just to keep the surge tank full.

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