Sunday, March 30, 2014

Onan efi manifold injector top fittings

These yamaha injectors need a 11 MM pocket in the top fittings.
           Going to use these 3/4 stainless bolts to make fittings
   Cut the heads off, plunge cut with an end mill to get a flat spot and center   drilled to get a good start for drilling the feed tube hole.
                                                Fixing to turn OD.
    ODs done. Yamaha top fitting shown too.
                                       11 MM bore for injector fuel inlet
     Chamfered for O ring entry. Yamaha fuel pressure regulator on left section of fuel rail. Not sure if I'm going to use it.
                                                  Milling top of fittings
                                              Test fit
                             Compound angle looks like it's going to fit OK.

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