Friday, January 4, 2013

Crane HI-6N and GM DIS wasted spark test

I've been fiddling with our Onan generator trying to do away with the points and to get some kind of high energy ignition going that will allow larger than the standard .020 plug gap. So far we have a Ford crank position sensor for a trigger and a 4 pin HEI module to switch the coil. I found that it will drive the Onan coil OK but not a modern GM DIS coil. Found a used Crane HI-6N CDI ignition box on Ebay to experiment with. These are analog technology with a magnetic trigger to comply with NASCAR rules. It should be about overkill for this application.
                         Here is a pic of the mag trigger and HEI module on the Onan
         A short movie of the ignition box driving a DIS coil as a test, I think it will be OK. Notice the spark and trigger come and go in the video, the cameras was at 30 frames per second and the trigger and initial sparks were at 30 cycles per second also but really must have been slightly different. Viewing it live looks continuous.

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