Monday, August 23, 2010

VE Analyzer Live on Tuner Studio

Ms3 Ve table tuning. VE Analyzer live tunes the VE bins to match the AFR table. Disabled barometric correction and used parts of the previous MS2 table to get a rough tune. This software seems to work way better than auto mixture control and autotune that was included in Megatune. Below is a vid on Youtube so it will be big enough to see good.

MS3 Runs!


  1. Very impresive I like your machining of the intake for the injectors. Your fab skills are very creative with respect to machining of the crank wheel. I am interested in what .msq file you have. I am MegaSquirting a 502 Ramjet and need a base line map. Would you share it with me?

  2. Yes, pleased to share share the msq Email me..wallyand at aim com